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What is a Gold Member

Small businesses are the backbone of any industry and Cannabis is no exception. Companies that are in the early stages of setting up, building and establishing itself are just as important as those that are well underway and growing. Signing up as a Cannabiz Connection Gold Member is a great way to showcase your product or service, and get recognized among your peers to gain credibility and attract new business relationships. Gold Members may find themselves in a competitive space as there are no limitations on the number of companies per service provider category. As a Gold Member you will have a fantastic opportunity to build strategic partnerships and set your business apart from others in the same space.

Who is a Gold Member

CannaBIZ Connection Gold Members are the up and coming visionaries. Our Gold Members are ready to make moves, meet business partners, connect with new clients, and collaborate with other members. There is no where to go but up, with the cost effective membership growth path you can upgrade your benefits at anytime. Platinum and Founding Memberships have benefits that cater to influence, growth, and strategy aspects of building brand awareness and presenting your brand to a wider audience. Patience is key, growth takes time and business only gets done if the effort is put in. Getting the most value out of your membership is all about engagement and involvement.

Gold Member Benefits

CannaBIZ Directory Listing

The CannaBIZ Directory is open to the public and is a great way to drive to awareness to your business, and showcase your brand.

Team Member Access

The Founding Membership comes with complimentary full access to the CannaBIZ Connect Platform for up to 3 team members.

Weekly Member Huddle Call

The weekly Members Only huddle call is designed to give the members an opportunity to share, learn and grow relationships with other members.

Featured Company Profile

Platinum members get their choice of either a 500 word article or 10 minute video to showcase their brand. This content is shared on all channels.

Publish Events on Our Calendar

Platinum members can submit all of their events to CannaBIZ Connection and we will publish them as part of our online event calendars. 

Canna Cantina

One discounted ticket to Canna Cantina, our annual members only networking Beach Party. Hosted in Grand Haven, Michigan.

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